By Emma J Shipley

The Lost World Placemat by Emma J Shipley features a majestic peacock-tailed zebra, surrounded by soaring beasts, wild foliage and a lush waterfall among a world of wild fantasy upon a beautiful gloss finish placemat.

With details reminiscent of Jules Verne's adventure novels and the 1925 silent film, the Lost World Placemat is guaranteed to renew your dining space with its stunning lush green colouring, vibrant blues and pops of bold orange details. 

Our Large placemats are generously sized and heat resistant up to 160°C, featuring a non-slip base and protective coating, making it just as practical as it is striking. Mix and match different Emma J Shipley placemat to provide your guests with a magical dining experience and an eclectic table setting worth talking about.


  • Sold individually. E.g. for a set of 6, add 6 items to the cart. 
  • Design: Emma J Shipley
  • Gloss finish & cork base 4.8mm thick 
  • Heat-resistant to 160°C (320°F) 
  • Eucalyptus board 
  • Protective melamine coating 
  • Cork base 
  • Handmade in England