EVERY $ - not just profits - will be donated to one of two charities and you get to make the decision. 

It’s been awe-inspiring to see people from around the world come together and take action in the wake of the Australian bushfires. People helping people, animals and the environment - it’s humanity at its best.

This has made me think more about how we can utilise The Tray Shop to not just do some good, but the most good. I don’t know yet what the final answer to that question will be but as our first action, we will run an Emergency Sale Fundraiser - I will donate EVERY dollar (not just profits) from our sale to one of two charities. If you buy an item from our Emergency Sale for $59 then I will donate $59 and YOU get to pick which of the two charities get the funds.

Selecting exactly where the money will go, however, is hard. I know that many people feel the same way because I happen to work full-time for an organisation called The Life You Can Save whose purpose it is to help donors find the best overseas charities (yes, The Tray Shop is just my ‘side hustle’).

In the end, I’ve settled on two charity options for each customer to pick from....

CHARITY 1: Because sustainability and long-term impact are important to me and because we’re in Australia the first option is to plant Australian native trees for $3.75 per tree via Carbon Neutral Foundation. Their current project is not in the affected bushfire areas but let’s face it, Australia and the world need more trees.

CHARITY 2: Like most people, I believe all human lives have equal value, no matter where they happen to be born. I also believe that people struck by emergency deserves support, even if the emergency doesn’t make the global headlines like the Australian bushfires have, and hence doesn’t receive the same level of support. Malaria, which kills 266,000 children a year mostly in Africa and Asia, is one of those emergencies. Many of those lives could’ve been saved thanks to simple mosquito nets. That’s why our second charity option is to use funds to buy insecticide-treated mosquito nets for $2 via Against Malaria Foundation.

The choice is yours. 

After you complete your purchase and reach the confirmation page you’ll get to select the charity that will receive the value of your purchase from the Emergency Sale Fundraiser. 

/ Rickard