Eucalyptus Round Tray

By Bell Art

The Eucalyptus tray celebrates our marvellous Eucalyptus Caesia - Gungurru or Silver Princess and is handcrafted in Sweden using Birchwood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). 

"Many Australian artists have made us visually aware of the vastness of landscape, the light and colours of the country, but there are also many surprises and delights to be found in the intricate structure of plants and their vibrant colouring. If my paintings make people stop for a moment to look, enjoy and wonder then I have succeeded." - Meryl Bell


- ⌀39cm x 1.5cm OR ⌀46cm x 1.5cm
- Design by Bell Art
- Handcrafted in Sweden
- Food Contact Safe; Dishwasher Safe
- Materials: FSC-certified wood; Protective layer of melamine