Monstera Round Tray

By Living Pattern

Create a Monstera and Philadondreon jungle in your home with the Monstera tray featuring artwork by Jenny K of Living Pattern. 

Our range of Monstera trays is handcrafted on the Swedish island of Öland using Birchwood from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests. 

Jenny is a botanical artist living in Delray Beach, Florida with her husband and baby boy. In 2005, she graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design, earning a BFA in Illustration.

Gardening and potted plants have always been in her life and their forms were sublimated early on into her visual vocabulary.

"Their shapes and forms never get old to me because of their infinite complexity. While the year-round sunshine here provides plenty of live plant reference, I still pull imagery from books and research. From the fern's unique method of reproduction to the monstera's generous adaptation to sharing light with its fellow leaves, I am endlessly inspired by the quiet, natural world around us."  Jenny K, Living Pattern

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⌀39cm  OR ⌀46cm 
- Artwork by Jenny K of Living Pattern
- Handcrafted in Sweden
- Care: Food Contact Safe; Heath resistant; Dishwasher Proof
- Materials: FSC-certified Birchwood; Protective melamine finish